Model Making

Starting the new and final term, we will focus the unit work in the large, medium and small scale (that does not mean size) models of your proposals. The unit will be divided in three groups: those who have to do a  1/2.500-1/1.000 site model of their city fragment with the block proposal, those creating a new 1/250 model of their latest proposal, and finally those who are advanced to construct a 1/100 or 1/50 detailed model.

We recommend the following materials: for the site models, following the examples from last term cardboard, for the medium scale models wood and for the small detailed scale wood or plaster. We will discuss with you other alternatives and review your work in the tutorials. The models should be finished for Friday.

In our notes we have the following list:
Site models – 1/2.000 1/1.000
Alvaro – a cardboard site model showing the elevated roads and surrounding buildings( + finish proposal clay model)
Soso – a site model showing housing around and topography – cardboard or foam(CNC) (+ finish proposal model with new design solution coming from TS)

Proposal models – 1/250
Shereen – select from all iterations your final proposal and make a model of it
(+ finish site model started last term)

Detailed model – 1/100-1/50
Atira – one cluster as discussed last term
George – one cluster or a quarter of the block
Laurens- a quarter of the whole block
Alex – one fragment of the building perforation and the courtyard filling.
David – half of the block cutting through the middle.

Tommaso – either a large size site model – 1/1000 or 1/500 scale model of the proposal – or a new proposal model with part of the surroundings – 1/250 scale. Basically the model should be big enough to take pictures of the interior and large enough to include part of the surrounding context.