Building on the discussing from the first term, the politics generated by the block envelope will be reassessed through three different questions.
Firstly the building envelopes will be explored by questioning how permeable and accessible the blocks are that will define the levels of privacy of block proposals. A key question will be the relationship that  the block designs aim to establish with its immediate context and passer-by. We will start working with the ground floor plan at 1/250 of the blocks. Later we will continue working with the different floors establishing specific relationships between the different programs and public/private spaces.

Compulsory Reading
Hannah Arendt, “The Public and the Private Realm” in The Human Condition, Chicago: Chicago, University Press, 1998, pp.22-78.
Robin Evans, ¨Figures, doors and Passages¨ in Translation from drawings to buildings, AA Publications, pp.55-92