Shaping Dual Form – Workshop

The unit will be explored two different spatial organizations for the public and private programmes inside the blocks and relationships established between them. Maya software will help to shape the block overall form and to access its different spaces to comprehend its complexity. The different possibilities and spatial configurations explored will be linked through Maya software to create a new animation that will resume the possibilities of the block.

The two-weeks workshop will start on Sunday 26th of January and finishes on Saturday 8th of February. There will be a first induction of Maya software during the first week and different tutorials to develop the different design schemes with both Maya software and unit tutors. In the second week there will be a short induction of Adobe After Effects to start exploring with cameras the interior of the blocks and connect the different solutions. The videos of 1.5 to 2 min will be presented on Saturday 8th of February.

This workshop tutors are Ricardo Sosa and Gerry Cruz (MArch AA DRL – Zaha Hadid)

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