The Block


As a starting point the unit will explore through 1:250 scale models the shape of a 90x150m block (60x36cm) in an intuitive manner. Different materials, such as foam, plaster, metal sticks and cables, will be use to have a range of schematic shapes that will be later used to define the block designs. The unit recommends to check Brazilian Neo-Concretist art movement sculptures from Lygia Clark or more contemporary examples from Ernesto Neto, and working models from Herzog and De Meuron and OMA offices to understand this workshop intention.

Reference website: Reina Sofia exhibition “La invencion concreta”:

Compulsory Readings
Arturo Almandoz Marte: Planning Latin America’s capital cities 1850-1950, London: Routledge, 2002, pp. 1-4 (Introduction) and pp.84-108 (Sao Paulo)

Lecture to attend: Monday 14th October 10am – AA 37Bedford Square First Floor Front

Presentation (Models and panels): Monday 14th October in the unit space